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Regular stays at Wild Valley Huts from Photographer

Wild Valley Huts has had the pleasure of being the base for photographer Samantha Smith. Sam has an affiliation with the area, 'I come here a lot because I feel at home. It's not busy and it's easy to settle in, relax and feel comfortable. The stunning hills & scenery combined with the nature create so many photographic opportunities. Not to mention the quietness, the stillness and at times it seems there is a complete hush.

It's a perfect place to be to capture those moments and make those connections!

There are many photographs on our instagram page @wildvalleyhuts taken by Samantha Smith. Below are unique images from Sam's explorations in the area. She captures beautiful images that make the photo so real, it puts you back there - the connection. I love the waterfall image below. Amazingly, this image captures the 80m waterfall -Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall- Britain's tallest single drop waterfall in one image. This is just one of the places to visit near Wild Valley Huts, where photographic opportunities are rich.

Images from left to right: Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall, Lake Vyrnwy Dam & The River Iwrch in Maengwynedd.

Come and spend time in a special place at www.wildvalleyhuts.c


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