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The Best Welsh Butcher 2024, is here, near Wild Valley Huts.

The winner of the 2024 Welsh Countryside Alliance Awards for best butcher went to Izzy’s Butchers, Powys. Izzy’s Butchers is a 5 minute drive from Wild Valley Huts.

Whilst staying here, having the best butchers in Wales on your doorstep is well worth a visit to sample their fantastic produce.

The food is sensational and there is a wide range of things to try when you visit. They have fresh innovative ideas alongside traditional favourites, all from the heart of Mid Wales. For example they sell traditional pork sausages, however, in the summer they sold Pimms and strawberry sausages too – a taste sensation! They sell traditional BBQ ribs or Guiness and treacle ribs – delicious! (Varieties of meat/flavours depend on the season of the year).


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